Deploy, manage, and optimize your computing resources in a simple and effective way.


bEdge's Compute Capabilities

We are enabling your digital transformation. Explore our edge computing products and services.

Cloud Server

High-performance servers you can easily configure to your demanding workload needs.

Bare Metal Server

Dedicated physical servers without virtualization, enabling stable operation of performance-sensitive services.

Cloud Computer

Create high-performance and scalable Cloud Compute instances instantly at an unbeatable price.

Why bEdge's Compute?

The bEdge's compute products and services provide the right solution for a variety of workloads, from any location.

Simple Deployment

Scale or shrink, deploy and configure production-ready compute instances in minutes.

Lower Compute Cost

bEdge's compute services consistently deliver better price performance than other cloud providers.

High Performance

bEdge's compute products offer powerful configurations, they are suited to all kinds of workloads.