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Explore our wide range of simple, fast, and high-performance cloud products, including Bare Metal Servers, Virtual Machines, Global Accelerator, etc. We help you build services for greatness.


We provide fast, scalable, and affordable computing capacity to meet any workload need.


Get secure, low-cost cloud storage for your data, applications, and workloads.


Delivering confidence through our flexible, fluid, intelligent networking services.


Help organizations reduce the risk of security threats for their cloud workloads.


Support rapid growth with our secure,simple, high-performance database services.


Deliver your content on our leading network with the best throughput and global reach.

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Solve your business challenges with industry-proven combinations of bEdge products and services.

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Deliver personalized content to millions of users while transforming audience experiences across the world.


Create exceptional gaming experiences with our powerful edge capabilities and innovative advantages.


The easiest way to access to powerful PCs in the cloud and operate from most devices.


Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about bEdge's products and services.

bEdge is a global edge cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage your digital services in emerging markets all over the world.

In short, cloud computing allows you to rent instead of buy your own IT resources. These cloud services now include, but are not limited to, servers, storage, databases, networking, and security.

Bare metal instances enable you to run high-performance, latency-sensitive, specialized, and traditional workloads directly on dedicated server hardware. While the compute instances are deployed in a virtualized cloud environment.

Why Choose Us?

We deeply understand today's technology challenges and the need to continuously innovate. bEdge is a global edge cloud provider, we are making it easier for enterprises to build, secure, and deploy their workloads around the world.


Global Reach

With our continuously expanding global footprint, it's easier to scale your business to the next level.


Scalable Resources

Everything you need to build successful digital services in the modern world.


Cost Efficiency

Choosing bEdge is the simplest way to reduce your cost and improve efficiency.

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“ Excellent ”

bEdge has played a key role in enabling us to grow faster in emerging markets. It has exceeded our expectations on every level. Totally an excellent edge cloud service.

Jack Thompson
VP of Sales, OWS
“ Simplicity ”

bEdge has enhanced our services and enabled us to expand our reach to serve more of our user's needs. Their simple and reliable BMS has enabled us to capture new opportunities.

Nicholas Jackson
Senior Director, HG
“ Exceptional Support ”

We appreciate bEdge's high-quality service and exceptional support. We can deploy applications faster and monitor their performance more efficiently.

Wilson Wong
SVP, CG Studio
“ Cost-efficient ”

Great price. Great service. Their servers have well-chosen configurations, I think it's the best solution for our business. I strongly recommend using the edge products of bEdge..

Steve Hsiao
Founder, MarvelGames

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